The Association Théâtre in French in Houston

“Le théâtre est un endroit où la pensée humaine peut avancer, un endroit où l'homme qui entre n'est pas le même que celui qui sort.”

Michel Didym

Et Voilà Théâtre est une troupe amateur née en 1998 au sein de la communauté francophone de Houston. Chaque année, la troupe met une pièce en scène et la joue en français. Un atelier théâtre hebdomadaire est aussi proposé à tout amateur.

Le théâtre est notre passion. Rejoignez-nous et devenez quelqu’un d’autre le temps d’un atelier ou d’une pièce !

The troupe

Et Voilà Théâtre is a French speaking troupe based in Houston whose purpose is to promote French language through theatrical expression.

Initially created in 1998 as part of Houston Accueil by Alain Bourgeois, EVT was officially launched as a separate association in December 2000. Since then, EVT has performed twenty four plays which have involved directors and actors of many nationalities, all sharing the common desire to speak our language. Some of these plays have been staged in cities other than Houston, like Dallas and Austin in Texas, and Lafayette in Louisiana.

Houston enjoys a broad cultural diversity. It is therefore natural that EVT has sought to build bridges with non-French speaking communities in the city by projecting English subtitles during the plays, and by organizing art exhibitions, bringing artists together from a variety of cultural perspectives.

In addition to plays and exhibitions, EVT proposes a workshop on Tuesdays from 8pm to 10:30pm at Talento Bilingüe de Houston (333 South Jensen Dr, Houston, TX, 77003). The purpose of the workshop, conducted in French, is to learn theater in a fun way with improvisations, composition and role playing in a supportive environment.

EVT is a nonprofit association whose shows are financed by ticket sales and donations from companies and individuals. The Association is recognized by the IRS under section 501(c)(3) and your contributions and donations are partially deductible from your taxes. If you want to join the friends of EVT and support their activities, please contact us at

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A Great Thank You to our Sponsors and Partners!

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