What Théâtre in French in Houston

A theatre workshop in French in Houston!

We, at Et Voilà Théâtre, are a group of friends who share a common passion for theater and who want to share this passion with others. “We all have busy lives but for a few hours each week we jump into another world, we become someone else. And when I say someone else, I mean it. Over the last three years at the workshop I have been everything from a dog to a princess!”

Reading this, you might be wondering what we do in a workshop? Well, we do a lot of different exercises, e.g. warming up the body and voice, improvisations, miming, staging. But overall, we have fun!

The workshop started ten years ago, so many members have joined us over the years. Here are some thoughts from former and current participants:

“I came in 2007 to practice French, and I got picked to be in a play. I stayed because everyone was genuinely friendly. What amazes me is how patient and welcoming everyone is, despite my shortcomings.” Bruce

“Are you looking for a relaxed but productive workshop where you can practice your performing skills in front of and with other people? Come with us! The workshop is a great mix of laughs, relaxation and exercises useful for a play or for your everyday life. Share some privileged time with other actors, speak French and participate in the best play produced each year in Houston !!!” Joss

“To warm up, we have skied, gone sledding, ice skated, speed skated, cross country skied, snowboarded, and finished with a snow ball fight: these workshops, they’re fun!” V

“Participating in the workshop is an exhilarating experience: for one evening, be one of the survivors of a boat cruise wreck on a life raft, or practice a short script, or tell a story and let other participants guess if it’s true or invented, and always, always meet enthusiastic fellow amateurs.” Pascale

I wandered into the Atelier one evening after seeing an EVT show, and ever after, I felt like it was home. L'Atelier is a total release--from all your work day responsibilities, your roles at home, your wound up stress. We begin by walking around the stage--just filling the space, feeling the pleasure of walking. Then we do vocal exercises. As an American, I really appreciated getting to practice tongue twisters in French! And every improv is a new experience--a new story, personality, a new way to explore theater. I never felt out of place because I didn't speak French fluently. As long as you can say enough to tell a basic story, you can give it a try. The other actors will support you. They will welcome you! And you may often discover that the best acting uses no words at all.
“L’atelier is for those who want to practice French, who want to practice theater, who want to just practice getting outside of themselves and into new and creative places. It is supportive, experimental, open, and inspiring. It is new every week! Come and enjoy the magic.” Melissa - Atelier participant 2007-2010

“Came once 'just to see what it was' and have come back ever since because once was not enough! Week after week, the sessions aren't short of surprises and always so different from anything you can experience in Houston. You create the evening. Make it fascinating, enriching and moving at times. The key word is having a go! I had never imagined, before moving to Houston that I would get to board on a spaceship, talk to the President and see snow in July! Willing suspension of disbelief? Come see for yourself!” Bertille

“Dreams, imagination, fiction, reality, emotions and creativity. That's everything I experienced and witnessed during my seven years as a workshop participant as well as an occasional leader.” Laurence

“Do you remember being a child and making up fantastic stories where you were the protagonist? This is pretty much what the workshop is like, a place where you can become anyone and do anything, may it be a unicorn on an air balloon, a bimbo in space or an excited kid on Christmas morning. Through games, exercises or actual plays, you get to improve your confidence, you become more familiar with the trades of theater in a fun and always positive environment, and most of all, the workshop if a great place to relax and laugh! The workshop is open to all levels, so join us and let your imagination run!” Anne-Laure

“Going to the workshop is the best way to get started with Et Voilà Théâtre. Working on a full play can be a scary proposition, whether you are a newbie or more seasoned. Not only you make friends and you laugh quite a bit, but you also learn the trade: you get comfortable being on stage in front of an audience, and acting becomes almost natural.” Thierry

Come and join us! Our weekly theater workshop is held in French on Tuesdays
from 8pm to 10:30pm
at Talento Bilingüe de Houston (333 South Jensen Drive, Houston, TX, 77003).
Email us at
atelier@etvoilatheatre.net for more details.

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